If not me then who? If not now then when?

I just found this and listened. I invite ALL to listen to this in it’s entirety. This addresses ALL of humanity, and in this time of our lives, NOW is the time, finally, for ALL to think about their position of equality in our world and become active in pursuing, demonstrating, and promoting equality in our world if we ever hope or desire to live to our highest potential.

We live in a world of cause and effect. Knowing this, we must realize that what we do, how we think, how we treat our fellow person, how we choose to show up in this world, effects ALL in countless ways. We are not insignificant individually, for in thinking we are insignificant, individual choices are made in which we fail to realize how our decisions impact our world, contribute both negatively and positively to our world through a ripple effect. For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. However, it is imperative that we understand there is always a reaction which effects us as well as our world.

Most say they want a better world, however, unless we are willing to honestly examine our role and the part we play as we contribute to our world, and take responsibility, at least in part, for the way our world presently seems to be, we will continue to build walls instead of bridges which keep us all in bondage.

The time is now to make the appropriate personal changes individually which enable us to leave the locked room in which have lived in order that we may walk out of it and into an open space where there are no limits or boundaries in our potential to experience ALL that life on this planet has to offer every human being, regardless of gender. As we make this choice for ourselves, we create the same opportunity for all of humanity. Just as the action of oppression has impacted our world as we know it today, the choice and action of each individual for equality will manifest as global empowerment can produce a positive impact in our world to create what we have been saying we desire.

Putting change and action into our words and life move us from a place of superficial and empty verbiage, to a world where ‘our word is our bond’; our words have integrity and honesty; our words are well thought out and uttered with the realization of their impact upon ourselves and our world. We live in the realization that we are not an island, but are intimately connected with all. We live in the realization that what I do or think about you, I bring into my own life as well. It behooves us all to take the belief in separation out of the process of decision making, creating for ourselves the potential for experiencing a life unlimited, a life limited only by our own making through erroneous thought.

Gender equality is the first step in the potential for creating global and universal equality. Our lives are like a diamond. Each facet represents an area in our life. Presently, many of the facets have been covered to the point where we no longer observe its brilliance; no longer recognize it as a diamond and mistake it for an ordinary stone. We fail to see its true value. However, as we make the choice for change and live from this new choice, a facet, once covered and hidden, is now exposed. Every new choice for change that is demonstrated, exposes more facets. Ultimately, the brilliance of the diamond is observed due to the removal of everything that muddied its expression. What facet of your life are you willing to personally begin clearing in order to express your true self? What are you willing to clear away so your brilliance has the potential to shine?


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The Time is Now!!

The Time is Now!!.

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The Time is Now!!

We may have reached the tipping point!
I just watched the piece on 60 Minutes regarding the exceedingly high tax fraud that is occurring and escalating by tech-savvy criminals, where millions of innocent people have had their identities stolen ( DOB and SSN) in order to steal American’s tax return money. According to the report, this has been going on for years and they project it will become much more wide spread and prevalent in the next few years. They have no idea really how to stop this from happening. They are talking about holding off sending our returns to us for a lengthy period of time so they can ‘research’ the authenticity of the W2’s they have received, however, I see this as Americans paying the penalty rather than the criminals because the IRS say they have not come up with a better way to flag fake W2’s. I don’t know about you, but receiving my refund in a timely manner is imperative!

I believe if the Government would go to a flat tax system where everyone, including the 1% group as well as all USA businesses regardless of where in this world they choose to move in hopes to avoid paying any tax, would all pay the same particular %age, there would be no need to file any returns, no searching for or creating tax shelters in order to avoid paying tax. There would be no need to fill out a tax return, therefore, no tax return refund to steal. There would be an increase in how many tax dollars are annually collected because those that have not been paying or not paying what they ought to because they know how to manipulate the system or are in a position to create loopholes which provide them with the ability to not pay tax as well as to deposit their money into offshore ‘inaccessible’ banks would then have to pay, probably for the first time in their over-privileged and over-indulgent life! Of course, it would take these very same people to initiate and pass this new law, which is why it has never been passed.

It seems to me it will now take the population of Americans, regardless of political affiliation or political party, to initiate, activate and through majority action, force the people who we have (now seemingly through massive error) elected to represent our best interests to actually, for the first time, initiate that which truly IS in our best interest, doing the job they chose to participate in and fill and were elected to do.

We need to hold them accountable in addressing and implementing policy that directly effects, in a positive direction for a change, the improvement of our everyday personal quality of life and not focusing on self-interest groups or religious ideologies; insisting they cease the underhanded tactics which have been utilized in creating fear-based, reactionary policies which are then implemented in order that these self-serving politicians can placate the multitudes of self-interest groups which funds their re-election.

Their current practice and methods continue as a vicious cycle that provides nothing of substantive value to the quality of American life. The many challenges that the vast majority of Americans face daily are never addressed or alleviated due to the cloud of political putrification which has grown in manifestation. This cloud has been created and perpetuated in order to divert American’s attention away from their personal immediate needs. The political rhetoric is spewed throughout the airwaves and social media, and has taken over entire media corporations such as Fox (also known as ‘faux news’) in order to perpetuate the fear and false information which only seeks to serve a select few, commonly known as ‘the 1%.’

As long as the politicians can create the emotional fervor by broadcasting false information, including personal/self-serving issues that have no real bearing on the actual quality of American life, (such as the on-going debate at-nauseam over Obama’s birthplace) then the people who have felt powerless in effecting for themselves a prosperous and harmonious lifestyle are lulled into a false sense of power. How, you might ask?

There are groups of individuals who have been convinced that we live in a world of limitation and lack. Through emotional political rhetoric they have been convinced their lack of quality in life is due to whatever the ‘agenda of the day’ is currently being served up to the masses. Look back at what has over-taken the news broadcasts, talk shows, radio shows. etc. which have nothing to do with improving the quality of American daily life and has everything to do with camouflaging the real issues by diverting attention away from Americans individual quality of life issues. (such as affordable medical, housing, food, gas, etc.)

Politicians elevate the hostile energy through all forms of media and venues with issues such as the abortion issue, same-sex marriage issue, etc., and in their pervasive way manipulate people to concentrate on these issues. By focusing on the above stated issues, there will not be a majority publicly demanding they act responsibly and resolve the problems that have been created which are the genesis of poverty, inadequate healthcare and housing and employment, to just name a few obvious problems in this country.

I suggest tallying from all avenues and arenas of media which impart information to the world, the hours that are spent on irrelevant political agendas and rhetoric and how much time is spent relevantly addressing important quality of individual American life issues. You might find it interesting as well, how often ‘hot-button’ issues have been molded in such a way as to making them the cause of poverty, expensive healthcare, high gas prices and so forth.

Americans are being manipulated and brain-washed daily by being subliminally convinced that some politicians self-serving rant is the truth as well as the cause of whatever quality of life problem anyone may be experiencing. As an example, I fail to see how two people of the same sex getting legally married or by a woman making the difficult choice to end a pregnancy has any bearing on how much I pay at the gas pump or grocery store or whether or not I can afford to go to the doctor. What these individuals do in their personal life has no real bearing on how I experience my personal life. However, what does have a bearing on my personal life are the policies that are implemented through amendments that have been enacted which take away my inalienable rights as an American citizen. What does have a bearing on my quality of life are policies and amendments which have been enacted in order to fulfill political favors.

It is time to take the blinders off and see these politicians for what they actually are, self-centered, egotistical, greedy, self-indulgent and self-serving individuals who do whatever they can to pat each others back and financially fill each others pockets.

There has been problems with the IRS, seemingly forever. Where are the checks and balances which are suppose to be in place for our protection? The are none. Where is the equality? There is none. We have a select few determining who pays tax and how much is payed and what is a legitimate tax shelter so one pays less tax. These select few are the very politicians who make policy which is always slanted in their personal favor. These are the same politicians who’s decision making negatively impacts the majority of the population and supplies abundance to the 1% as well as to the special interest groups who contributed to their election and to whom they owe favors.

Americans have to now band together and stand up together in equality for all, whether you agree with the lifestyle, religion, etc. of specific individuals or not. If you attempt to inhibit in any way, the equality of someone because you do not agree with their lifestyle, religion, etc., you have essentially opened the door to experiencing the same inequality. It is time for all Americans to uplift one another, empower one another, and support one another in living a high and equal quality of life. Personal judgments, biases, prejudices, personal religious ideologies which have been inflicted upon the masses, and all that has served to separate us rather than unite us has got to cease if we, individually and collectively, truly want to enjoy a prosperous and harmonious life.

The old adage of ‘what goes around comes around’ ought to be heeded. The directive of ‘do unto other what you would have done until you’ is a good plan of action. I think the Beatles had a good message to follow in their song ‘Imagine’. We have been given to tools, but it is up to us to use them appropriately! The time is NOW!!

What are you willing to contribute in making this happen? What bias, prejudice, personal opinion are you willing to let go of? Will you accept that we all have the personal right of lifestyle choice? With your religious ideologies, are you willing to use them in your personal life but cease in thinking everyone ought to abide in the same belief or are you willing to keep your ideologies to yourself and not attempt to force it upon everyone? Think about how you feel about these questions. If you find yourself rationalizing why some can and some cannot enjoy total equality because what they choose in their life is diametrically opposed to your lifestyle and you think they are so wrong it should not be allowed or legal, think about how you would feel and experience your life if who you were and how you lived your life was not allowed or legal…and rethink your position.

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What kind of world are we living in?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how our world looks today as opposed to how it appeared in the past.  Maybe it is just ‘my world’ and my experiences with the people I know and not with the rest of the population.  Your feedback will determine whether or not this is a common reality.

Please keep in mind that I am referring to communicating with individuals who are in our close circles such as friends, acquaintances, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.  Our ability to communicate with individuals on the other side of the world or in another country is not included in this ‘discussion’.

In past years, before the internet, cell phones, personal computers and so forth, people use to communicate with one another through their voice (speaking directly to one another), or by the hand written note and letter.  Greeting cards were sent through the mail and not over the internet. If one wanted to know the status of someone, they would typically call them and if directly concerned would call those close to that individual if the intended one could not be reached.  Either way, there would be individuals speaking to one another directly.  One would receive phone calls simply to say hello, catch up on current life events, or to let one know they were being thought of that day.

Today however, individuals will communicate very differently.  One may receive a text or on-going texts as a form of communication rather than speaking to one another.  This more than often occurs while one is engaged in an activity with another person such as having dinner or any another activity while in the company of another. Some may consider this multitasking, while others find it rude or inconsiderate. In doing this, no one receive another’s full attention because it is divided among those present and those on the other end of the text or email.  Imagine you are verbally sharing an important life experience with someone, possibly an emotional time for you.  While you are sharing,  their phone indicates they have received a text and while you are sharing they are texting another on their phone.  Do you feel respected? honored? valued? important? heard? Do you feel that the one with whom you have chosen to share this personal and important information is concerned, invested in you, cares, or values you?  It appears any ‘social graces’ have left our world.

If one indicates they are online while on a social media site such as Facebook, one may receive a message and communication will then take place in the form of messaging online.  One has the ability to correspond with numerous individuals at the same time. One may receive emails requesting something or informing someone of something.  It appears individuals rarely speak directly to one another.

I have wondered why this seems to occur.  This lack of verbal communication is a demonstration of a lack of intimacy that is now taking place in our world.  Individuals can correspond anonymously, seeming to write what they may not feel comfortable or secure in saying directly. In the past one may gossip to their friends complaining, spreading rumors, fabricating events and so forth, however this information was limited to those who were available to listen and possibly repeat the information received. Today is much different, for the world has the opportunity to receive and take part in the gossip because today individuals cowardly attack in cyberspace (cyber bullying). Rather than speaking to one another to resolve a perceived problem, individuals will hit the post, send, etc. button and instantly spread their venom throughout the world.

One of the many down sides to this form of communication is that what is written by the sender and what is then read by the receiver are often two very different things.  Statements are often misinterpreted by the reader and taken in the wrong context, tone, emotion, etc.  If one inadvertently has written a message with their CAPS on and the message is sent in all CAPS, this is often interpreted as sent in anger or some form of negative tone when in reality it was simply an error or done without the knowledge that it would be interpreted this way. It may have been written to express emphasis rather than anger. When one communicates online through the written word, one needs to know all past and current modes of ‘interpretation’, such as writing in all CAPS or risk being misinterpreted.  One also leaves to chance in what tone or emotion their correspondence will be interpreted when read by the receiver.  For example, if the receiver is experiencing a ‘bad day’ or if the receiver lacks self-esteem and so forth, the words may very well be interpreted incorrectly resulting in the receiver shooting back an email attacking the original sender or accusing them of being hurtful, mean, angry, etc. when in reality none of this is true on the part of the original sender.  All of this could have been avoided had verbal communication taken place rather than the written correspondence.

Many may argue the point that people are so busy today that it is more timely to quickly text or email rather than call and speak directly to the individual.  This may be true in some instances, however the problem is, as I see it today, is that 99.9% of the time this is the only form of communication that is taking place.  Typically when my phone rings it is more often a solicitor attempting to sell me something and this is 99.9% of the time a recording and not an actual live person on the other end of the phone.  Rarely do I experience a phone call; what is received is a text or email.  If I have been engaged in daily activities and away from the computer or cell phone, it may be a day or longer before I receive the written message.  I find it disconcerting when the message begins with, ‘let me know asap…, or let me know right away…, or I can’t make it today…’ and the message had been sent more than a day prior. Had the phone rung instead of the text or email, whatever was needed at that time or to be known at that time would have been received at that time and addressed in a timely manner.  A day or so later makes it a moot point and makes one unable to address the situation when needed. One may debate this observation arguing financial reasons for not maintaining two phones, but I wonder if many no longer use a house phone because one can only verbally connect and cannot text on a house phone.

I understand there are certain situations that call for texting or emailing rather than directly speaking to one another.  I do not propose doing away with electronic forms of communication.  Our world has become fast-paced and at times it appears to be overwhelmingly hectic, making electronic communication expeditious and necessary from time to time.  When this form becomes the mode of communication utilized by the masses during the vast majority of daily life, I believe we become more and more disconnected with each other on a human level.

Some of you (more than likely baby-boomers and older) may recall the time when you picked up the phone and said hello, the calling person simply began speaking without the need for identification because their ‘phone voice’ was recognizable.  Today, I imagine many have not actually heard the other’s voice for a long time due to today’s electronic form of written communication.  Maybe this is just my sad experience, however I recall as long as decades past when I would actually speak with ‘friends’ on the phone.  Today however, what typically occurs is an email, a comment or ‘like’ on a Facebook post, or a text. It appears for me that my circle has become much smaller and relationships that were enjoyed in one capacity in the past have totally changed. I find it interesting that when I do receive a phone call or a card in the mail from a friend, that particular friend typically does not own a computer or have a phone that has the capability of texting.  They have to actually resort to calling and speaking the ‘old fashioned’ way!  I so much enjoy the old fashioned way.  I enjoy hearing the voice of my friend on the other end of the phone.  I enjoy the intimacy of the conversation.  I also feel honored that this person has used a portion of their day to connect with me for a longer time that it takes to quick type a text (texting doesn’t even use whole words anymore to make it faster).

It is also interesting to note that the very same people who mostly communicate through text or email more than through speaking are the very same people who complain about not reaching a live person when calling a company.  They say they would like to have a live person answer the phone rather than a litany of menu options.  There are a few companies who promote their business by advertising that they provide a live person rather than a recorded menu when contacting them by phone!   Imagine that!  This is the exception and not the rule today!  Just as you feel not valued, unimportant, irrelevant, and ‘one of the herd’ when you call and have to go through a recorded menu instead of speaking to a live person, there are many who feel the same way when you text or email rather than calling to speak with them.

Instead of initially feeling the need to be defensive or to rationalize why you now text and email more than calling to speak directly, think about what I have posted here.  I have not included all the potential ramifications of this now accepted and more often than not, universally utilized form of communication for there are numerous ramifications that I have not mentioned.  We all acknowledge that there are numerous reasons which make written communication advantageous. There is a time and place for written communication. The next time you go to communicate with someone, you may want to think about this posting and ask yourself whether or not calling and speaking might be the way to go instead!

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